Services Provided

My professional experience of over 25 years in nursing and nursing education, along with my years of experience as a legal nurse consultant, medical adjudicator and medical file reviewer gives me the ability to meet your companies medical record reviewing and medical-legal needs. Services provided assists attorneys, law firms and insurance agencies with:

  • review of all types of medical documentation for legal proceeding or to determine health insurance eligibility or appeals
  • medical record chronologies analysis, interpretation and assessment of documentation
  • comprehensive written reports upon completion, as required for court proceedings and to determine eligibility for medical insurance, disability claims and/or appeals
  • medical documentation review for research, audits or quality assurance
  • acting as an expert witness for legal proceeding, should a case go to trial
  • secure storage of all medical documentation and guaranteed confidential shredding  upon completion of work or as instructed  

Wendy Peters Legal Nursing Consulting & Medical File Review Services provides long and short term contract services to save your company time and money.