Medical File Reviewer

Medical charts and records are a integral part of patient care. The purpose of the medical record is to ensure communication between healthcare professionals, to ensure consistency in care and to ensure that appropriate care has been provided to patients in a safe and timely manner.   

Medical charts and records are used to measure the type and quality of care provided in  hospitals and clinics.  Medical records determine the quality of services provided, standards of care and practice and are admissible in court.

Medical File reviewers are hired by law firms, health and disability insurance companies and healthcare facilities to:

  • chronologically organize, review and analyze medical documentation

  • track the progress and effectiveness of treatments and care

  • review medical documentation for health insurance of other medical purposes

  • identify if errors in care were made in order to provide quality assurance and education to staff

  • assist during audits for staffing determination and facility accreditation and for medical malpractice and liability determinations.