Legal Nurse Consulting

A Legal Nurse Consultants years of experience and medical knowledge set them apart from other members of the legal team. 

Nurse Consultants review all types of medical documentation and provide verbal and written preliminary reports to determine if a case has merit.

They are Registered Nurses who facilitate the legal process by assisting attorneys and the courts in determining if there were breaches in Nursing Standards of Care and Practice by gathering, reviewing and analyzing medical evidence.

They understand policies, procedures, medication administration, medical equipment and the nursing standards of care and practice. Their medical-legal experience allows them the ability to interpret medical records, documents and health science literature.

A Legal Nurse Consultants many years of knowledge and experience in clinical settings, as well as training in the law and legal procedures, allow them to offer unbiased expert opinion based on the facts as they related to whether the Nursing Standards of Care and Practice were met or not.